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Turquoise is a very soft gemstone. In fact, it ranks on average between a 5-6 on the Mohs hardness scale (the scale used to determine the hardness of a particular mineral or gem. Diamonds are 10). When excavated from copper mines Turquoise is most often brittle and unsuited for use in Jewelry. This is why almost all Turquoise found in Jewelry has undergone a process of stabilization. Epoxy is applied and the specimen is places in a vacuum chamber to remove air bubbles and solidify the stone. The process of stabilization makes it possible for Turquoise to be worn on a daily basis as Jewelry. It is extremely important to note that quality stabilized Turquoise is in no way fake or dyed.

While stabilization strengthens the stone to a great extent, it is still susceptible to damage. If a stabilized stone is struck with moderate force the stone can crack, loosen with in the bezel, and often fall out of the ring. In order to further prevent this it is standard practice to apply a strong high temperature epoxy putty on the back of the stone.

At Stones & Fire we apply this backing to all of our Turquoise in house. Doing so provides the following:

This extra step in the stabilization process is one we take very seriously. We want to ensure that your new Genuine Turquoise item lasts for many years.

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