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Welcome to Stones and Fire! We blend the raw beauty of stones with the fiery passion of craftsmanship. Owned by Jeweler and Metalsmith Marty Vickery, Stones and Fire offers handcrafted jewelry and fine mineral specimens that celebrate nature’s artistry. Explore our curated collection of unique treasures that embody adventure and sophistication.

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Introducing Stones and Fires: where ancient wisdom meets modern craft. Explore our handcrafted incense, smudging sage, palo santo, and essential oil blends. Elevate your space and nourish your spirit with our all-natural offerings, meticulously crafted for a sensory journey of purity and tranquility.

Stabilized Turquoise

  In the world of gemstones, turquoise stands out as a timeless symbol of beauty and cultural significance. Its mesmerizing blue-green hues have captivated civilizations

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