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Mahogany Obsidian Skull

  • Mahogany Obsidian
  • Carved Skull


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Approximately 2″

4 oz

Mahogany Obsidian is a unique variety of volcanic glass known for its striking appearance and metaphysical properties. It features rich, reddish-brown patches or streaks within a black or dark brown base, resembling the grain of mahogany wood, hence its name. This distinctive patterning is caused by the presence of iron oxide or hematite within the obsidian. Revered for its grounding and protective energies, Mahogany Obsidian is believed to shield against negative energy and promote a sense of strength, stability, and vitality. It is often used in crystal healing and meditation practices to aid in releasing fear, trauma, or emotional blockages, fostering a deeper connection with one’s inner strength and resilience. Additionally, Mahogany Obsidian is thought to enhance feelings of gratitude, abundance, and prosperity, making it a popular choice for those seeking balance and empowerment in their spiritual journey. Whether utilized for its aesthetic appeal or its purported metaphysical benefits, Mahogany Obsidian continues to captivate enthusiasts with its beauty and energetic properties.

Additional Information about stone skulls:

Stone skulls hold a multifaceted history across cultures and time periods. In Mesoamerican civilizations like the Aztecs and Maya, they played roles in religious rites and funerary practices, such as offerings to gods or as displays for sacrificial victims. Medieval Europe incorporated stone skulls into Gothic art and architecture, symbolizing mortality and the fleeting nature of life. In Tibetan Buddhism, they serve as ritual implements, representing the impermanence of existence and the path to enlightenment. Contemporary art and culture also embrace stone skulls, with artists like Damien Hirst exploring themes of mortality and wealth through elaborate sculptures. Across history, stone skulls have symbolized humanity’s relationship with death, spirituality, and the transient nature of life.

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Weight 6 oz


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